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A comprehensive insurance suite.

Get one unified and comprehensive insurance suite to support all your insurance sales, administration, fulfilment and reporting requirements, or choose only the modules you need to enhance your current capabilities.

With the Evolve Insurance Suite you have the power to choose the right solution for your business. Whichever Evolve modules you select, you are assured of a partner that will support you in growing your business, and that will provide you with excellent service at every step of the journey.

Blackbox Rating

The rating engine allows actuaries or analysts to build complex calculations and algorithms through the user-friendly front end.

Policy Administration

Policy administration provides functionality for agent, client and policy and risk item management.

Claims Administration

Complete claims administration including supplier management, claims management and payment.

Financial Administration

Financial Administration includes functionality for operational and corporate finance functions including collection of premium and allocation of premium, processing of unmet collections, processing payments and general ledger extracts.

Client Care

Client management with single view of customer, formal complaint management and client care.

Call Centre

Wizard driven, multi-quote sales call centre with integrated scripting, including unmet payment and retention call centre module.

Evolve Enterprise Suite to extend your capabilities.

The Enterprise Suite enables your company to extend your current capabilities in data integration, analytic, reporting and document management functionality.

Data Engine

The Data Engine allows the Evolve System to transfer and import files in most data formats (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml etc) from external systems such as broker systems into the Evolve Insurance Suite or any other transactional system. Data can be imported from the various systems and be processed through the Data Validation and Business Rules Engine to enrich the data, validate that the data meets the required standards and rules and also apply business rules to the data.

Real Time

The Data Engine also allows for real-time interfaces through web services and APIs for authenticated external systems to request and send data to the host system.

3rd Party Data Providers

The Data Engine can integrate into 3rd Party Data providers for data requests such as fraud scoring, weather warnings, vehicle lookups or any other data required to enhance processing.

Data Engine

Document Manager

The Document Manager allows for the design of rich document templates that are used to automatically generate documents based on systems events and automatically distributed to clients, suppliers, or even internally. Documents and photos can be stored in an encrypted repository and linked to any object in the database. The Document Manager has a plug-on for Outlook and Office 365 allowing for emails and email attachments to be stored and linked directly from the email.

Document Designer

Full rich document design front-end screens with the ability to drag and drop data elements from the database into documents.

Encrypted Document Delivery

All documents can be generated as encrypted, password protected PDF documents.

Document Manager

Report Manager

Evolve Report Manager is a complete reporting solution that can be used to extract, combine, analyse and report on any database within the organisation.

Report Designer

The Report Manager features a Report Designer with the functionality to build powerful reports through the front-end without additional development required. SQL Scripts are supported and can include sub-reports. Database fields can be pulled into report designs as required.

Automated Reporting

The Evolve Report Manager provides an integrated reporting solution with automated reports that can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly, monthly or annually or triggered by specific events such as large loss notifications or Month-End completion.

Report Manager


Evolve Radar provides an enterprise level task, feature and defect management system that can be integrated into Evolve Insurance Suite or be implemented as a stand-alone solution to manage all tasks across an organisation include development, testing and deployment of work packages and defects.

Work Scheduling

All incoming tasks can be monitored, controlled and scheduled with management view across resources and projects.

Process Driven

Evolve Radar can be set up to follow various project management or task management processes including waterfall, Agile, SAFe or standard DevOps.



Learn more about the practical application of the Evolve Suite.

Data Engine

Integration into the Insurance Ecosystem to automate the flow of information between participants.

Ecosystem integration

Corporate Template
Document Manager

Automated generation of password encrypted letters and schedules seamlessly emailed to policyholders, repairers, and assessors with electronic copies stored in a secure repository and linked to the policies.

Electronic Fulfilment

Corporate Template
Claims Management

Automation of claim registration, assessment requests, repair management and automated communication between policyholder, repairer, insurer and administrator.

Claims Automation

Corporate Template

About Ellipsys Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Ellipsys Technologies has been actively involved in the insurance software industry since 2000 in Personal Lines, Warranty, Value Added Products and Commercial lines of business.

We have been extensively involved in Dealer-based Warranty & VAPS Business, as well as Broker Data Interfaces where we have been recognised as a leader in data integration.

All the years of supporting and enabling insurance solutions has been used to build the most comprehensive insurance platform – Evolve Insure - which provides complete Policy and Claims Administration with powerful data integration functionality to support insurance ecosystems.

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Deon Pieterse

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Martin Pieterse

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Andrew Batty

Technical Director

Andrew is responsible for technical architecture and solution design as well as development platform and cyber-security.

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