We are creative nerds who love building beautiful products for our happy clients. We are known for our ability to deliver, not just deliver but to deliver quality!

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Echo Claims

Managing the full repair process for vehicle, from claim to final costing stage.
Tracked, Measured & Improved!
Build for Insurers, simplified for Brokers, Assesors & Repairers!

Booking Owl

Taking care of your clients on safaris should be your main focus, not creating, tracking and maintaining the safaris. That is what Booking Owl is there for.


The Radar system is a feature rich suite of applications for automating work requests in any company.


Ellipsys provides a development foundation that can be rapidly implemented as the base for a new web based system.

Vehicle Damage Assessmemt

The Vehicle Damage Assessment System (VDA) is an integrated system for assessing the damage to vehicles and includes South African industry standard cost and time units for quoting purposes.


Development & Process Engineering


At the core of Ellipsys is enterprise software development using Microsoft technologies.
The highly experienced development team has a track record in delivering:

  • Application Development, Maintenance and Support
  • Product Development and Maintenance
  • Systems Analysis and Optimisation
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Workflow and Document Management

Process Engineering

Ellipsys provides process analysis and reengineering in the following industries:

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Call Centre Management
  • Retail

About Our Company

We are a development house using mostly Microsoft technologies but as true techies we have other skills as well. From Oracle databases to mobile development.
Ellipsys has an ethos of exceeding customer expectations in all interactions. We believe that we are responsible and accountable for the final solution and will never accept that anything cannot be done - we WILL find a solution.

About Ellipsys

Our approach to our staff

At Ellipsys we see people not as resources, but as individuals with dreams, aspirations and a need for balance.
Each employee has a development plan with committed funding from the company to expand their skills and expertise.

Every Wednesday the company supplies breakfast and lunch for everyone! (We love our food)
Every first Friday of the month Ellipsys holds it Recognition, Reflection and Relaxation session where we take stock of last months achievements. We also hand out the employee of the month award for a staff member that went above and beyond. Where after the team does something together. This could range from going to watch a movie, playing adventure golf, boardgames, ten pin bowling, pool etc.

Happy Clients

Ellipsys' clients include major insurance companies, underwriting managers, banks and other financial services companies.